History Trails

Staten Island Places: A Guide to 350 Sites of Significance

A primary legacy of SI350 has been the identification of 350 sites of significance on Staten Island to showcase various facets of our past, present and future.   Organized in 12 themes, from Transportation to Business, the Arts to Religion, these sites capture turning points in Staten Island's history, with local, national and global significance. 

Each of the 12 trails can be enjoyed as driving tours leaving the St. George area moving clockwise around the Island.  Mapped trails are available on google maps at www.si350.org. All lists have been drafted and reviewed multiple times by a committee of historians, educators and parents.  If you believe an important site should be added to the list, or if you would like more information about a site, please contact us at info@si350.org.  A publication with information about each site will be released in March 2011.

I.    Transportation (January)
Author: Kenneth Gold, Chair, Education Department, College of Staten Island

1.    St. George Ferry Terminal
2.    U.S. Coast Guard Station and Lighthouse
3.    Narrows Tunnel Shaft, St. George
4.    Verrazzano’s 1524 arrival, Bay Street Landing
5.    King’s Highway/Richmond Turnpike
6.    Lombardi and Sons’ Harley-Davidson
7.    Vanderbilt Landing
8.    Verrazano Bridge and SI Expressway
9.    South Beach Trolley/Bike Route
10.    Hylan Boulevard
11.    Eltingville Railroad Train Station
12.    Outerbridge Crossing
13.    Boneyard and Blazing Star Ferry
14.    Richmond Creek Bridge
15.    Staten Island Lighthouse
16.    Carriage Factory, Richmond Town
17.    Airport, now SI Mall
18.    Howland Hook, Gulf Port
19.    Shooter's Island
20.    Bayonne Bridge
21.    Port Richmond station of the North Shore Rail Line
22.    Decker's Ferry and Inn
23.    Memoly Motors (Richmond Terrace near Jewett Ave.)
24.    Caddell’s Dry Dock
25.    Native American Footpath, Richmond Terrace
26.    John Noble Collection, Snug Harbor
27.    Clove Road (horse car route)
28.    Castleton Corners Stagecoach Route
29.    Wittemann Airplane Manufacturing

II.    Education and Health (February)
    Authors: Andrew Wilson, New York Public Library and Pat Tooker, Nursing Dept., Wagner College

1.    Curtis High School
2.    Staten Island Museum
3.    Quarantine Station/Dr. Richard Bayley
4.    Community Health Action
5.    U.S. Marine Hospital/Bayley Seton
6.    Staten Island University Hospital
7.    Voorlezer's House
8.    Eger Lutheran Nursing Home
9.    Sea View Hospital/Farm Colony
10.    Richmond County Medical Society
11.    Nursery and Child’s Hospital
12.    College of Staten Island
13.    Halloran General Hospital
14.    Willowbrook State School
15.    Institute for Basic Research
16.    PS 20
17.    Richmond Memorial Hospital
18.    Mount Loretto
19.    PS 1 Annex
20.    Tottenville Library
21.    Staten Island Chinese School
22.    Staten Island Academy
23.    SI Zoo
24.    YMCA, Broadway
25.    Wagner College
26.    St. John's University
27.    Dr. Samuel Mackenzie Elliott
28.    Saint Vincent’s Medical Center
29.    Anna Leonowens' (“King and I”) School
30.    Unitarian Church Library
31.    Sailors’ Snug Harbor sanitarium
32.    Staten Island Children’s Museum

III.    Business (March)
    Authors: Charles Sachs and Lori R. Weintrob

1.    Chamber of Commerce
2.    The Breweries
3.    Staten Island Savings Bank (1866)
4.    Free Trade Zone (1931-72)
5.    Wrigley’s Chewing Gum factory
6.    South Beach Resorts
7.    1199 (SEIU)
8.    Statwood Construction (1925)
9.    Staten Island Advance (1886)
10.    Staten Island Mall
11.    Sandy Ground Oystering/Farming
12.    S.S. White Dental Manufacturing
13.    Atlantic Terra Cotta
14.    Tottenville Copper Company
15.    Port Mobil
16.    Kreisher Bricks
17.    Linoleumville, Travis
18.    Consolidated Edison Plant
19.    Nicotra Group, SIEDC, Teleport, Superior Chocolatiers, South Ave.
20.    Russo-Picciurro-Maloy Insurance (1886)
21.    Proctor and Gamble, Port Ivory
22.    New York Container Terminal, Inc.
23.    Port Richmond Business District
24.    Vanderbilt birthplace/Eberhard Faber Estate
25.    Farrell Lumber
26.     Factoryville/Goodyear
27.    C.W. Hunt Company
28.    Wiesner Brothers’ Nursery
29.     Atlantic Salt Company/Gypsum
30.    Hotel Castleton, St. George

IV.    Ethnicity and Immigration (April)
Authors: Lori R. Weintrob and Christopher Mulé

1.    Little Sri Lanka
2.    Albanian Islamic Cultural Center
3.    St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish
4.    Phil Am Mart (Philippines)
5.    Tappan Park (German)
6.    Christ Assembly/African Immigrant Ministries
7.    SI Liberian Community Assoc.
8.    Pakistani Civic Association
9.    The Garibaldi-Meucci Museum
10.    Oude Dorp   
11.    Turkish Cultural Center
12.    Staten Island Community Center (Russian)
13.    Center for Migration Studies/Scalabrini Education Center
14.    Jewish Community Center
15.    United Hebrew Cemetery/Mount Richmond Cemetery
16.    St. Mena Coptic Orthodox Church
17.    French Huguenot Church
18.    SI Korean Seventh-day Adventist Church
19.    Grace Christian Church 9 (Taiwanese)
20.    Sandy Ground
21.    Hungarian Reformed Church
22.    Ward’s Point  (Native American),
23.    Asian Food Markets
24.    Nansen Lodge (Norwegian)
25.    Greek Farms 
26.    Nigerian American Community Association
27.    St. Mary's Church of the Assumption/El Centro de Hospitalidad/Make the Road
28.    Alba House
29.    SI Hindu Temple
30.    New Directions Int'l (Caribbean/Haitian), Brighton Heights Reformed Church

V.    Food and Drink (May)
Authors: Maxine Friedman, Sarah Clark, Felicity Beil, Carlotta DeFillo, Historic Richmond Town

1.    Little Sri Lanka
2.    Korto's Place
3.    Project Hospitality (food pantry)
4.    Rubsam & Horrmann Brewery
5.    Demyan's Hofbrau
6.    The Cup
7.    Basilio Inn, South Beach
8.    Pastosa Ravioli
9.    Colonnade Diner
10.    Q SINY Restaurant & Nightclub (Midland Beach)
11.    Tavern on the Green
12.    Taste of India II Restaurant (New Dorp Lane)
13.    Net Cost Market
14.    Holtermann's Bakery
15.    Tavern at Historic Richmond Town/Guyon-Lake-Tysen House
16.    Decker Farm
17.    Golden's Kosher Deli
18.    Al Deppe's
19.    Carmen's Restaurant
20.    Oystering (Prince's Bay)
21.    Crackerbarrel, Tottenville
22.    Killmeyer's Old Bavaria Inn
23.    Supreme Chocolatier (South Ave.)
24.    Weissglass Dairy
25.    Stechmann's/Sedutto's (ice cream parlors)
26.    Ralph's Famous Italian Ices
27.    Denino's Pizzeria
28.    Mezcal's Mexican Restaurant
29.    Alfonso's Bakery and Pastry Shoppe
30.    Jody's Club Forest

VI.    The Arts (June)
Author: Meg Ventrudo, Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art

1.    Jasper Cropsey at the SI Museum
2.    Frank McCourt, McKee HS
3.    Paul Newman residence/Emilio Estevez birthplace
4.    St. George Theater
5.    Everything Goes Book Café
6.    Century Dance Complex
7.    Wu-Tang Clan, Park Hill
8.    Alice Austen House
9.    Fred Scott Movie Ranch/South Beach
10.    Lane Theater, New Dorp
11.    Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art
12.    William Page, Tottenville
13.    Paul Zindel, Tottenville HS (original site)
14.    Langston Hughes, Greek Farm
15.    Ichabod Crane Burial Site
16.    CSI Center for the Arts/WSIA radio
17.    Edwin Markham, I.S. 51
18.    DiMarzio Pick-Ups
19.    Snug Harbor Arts
20.    COAHSI and the Art Lab
21.    John Noble Collection
22.    Creative Photographers Guild/Friends of Fire
23.    Mandolin Brothers (Vernon Reid)
24.    Staten Island Ballet/Shakespeare Theater
25.    Audre Lorde, SI Community College (now the Petrides School)
26.    Wagner College Theater
27.    Galt MacDermot ("Hair")
28.    Video Ulquini (Albanian Music)
29.    Universal Temple of the Arts
VII.    SI350 Sports Trail (July)
    Author: Staten Island Sports Hall of Fame

1.    Richmond County Ballpark
2.    Curtis High School
3.    Winter Ave. Playground
4.    Cromwell Center/Lyons Pool
5.    Thompson's Stadium (NFL Stapes)
6.    Abe Kiviat home (Stapleton)
7.    Sal Somma home (Clifton)
8.    New York Yacht Club (first America's Cup), Rosebank
9.    New York City Marathon Starting Point (Ft. Wadsworth)
10.    PS 46 Playground (South Beach)
11.    Hy Turkin Field (Dongan Hills)
12.    General Douglas MacArthur Park (Berry Houses)
13.    Semler's Park (Grant City)
14.    Bobby Thomson home (Flagg Place)
15.    Richmond County Country Club
16.    Miller Field
17.    Tottenville High School NFL Stars (Huguenot)
18.    Mount Loretto/SI Sports Hall of Fame
19.    Aquehonga Field
20.    Mid-Island Little League (Travis)
21.    ASA Complex
22.     Weissglass Stadium
23.    CYO Center (Port Richmond)
24.    Jack Taylor gravesite, Fairview Cemetery in Castleton Corners
25.    Clove Lakes Park
26.    Wagner College sports
27.    Silver Lake Golf Course
28.    Merrill Field/Rasmussen Center
29.    Walker Park
30.    Goodhue Center

VIII.    Environmental History (August)
    Author: Protectors of Pine Oak Woods

1.  Sailors Snug Harbor
2.  Allison Park
3.  Eib's Pond Park
4.  FDR Boardwalk, Hoffman and Swinburne Islands
5.  Bluebelts (State)
6.  Last Chance Pond
7.  Great Kills Park, Gateway National Recreation Area (Federal)
8.  Seaside Wildlife Nature Park
9.  Crescent Beach
10. Blue Heron Park Preserve
11. Wolfe's Pond Park 
12. Lemon Creek Park
13. Mount Loretto (State)
14. Long Pond Park
15. Conference House Park
16. Bloomingdale Woods Park
17. Clay Pit Pond (State)
18. Fresh Kills/Sanitation Department
19. Visy Paper Recycling
20. William T. Davis Wildlife Refuge
21. LaTourette Park & Gold Course
22. Williowbrook Park
23. Graniteville Quarry Park
24. Old Place Creek
25. Saw Mill Creek Marsh
26. High Rock Park
27. S.I. Greenbelt, Orbach Lake
28. Reed's Basket Willow Park
29. Clove Lakes Park
30. Silver Lake Park

IX.     Politics and Civic Life (September)
Authors: James Kaser and Amy Stempler, Library Administrators, College of Staten Island

1.    Borough Hall
2.    120th NYPD Precinct
3.    Seaman's Society for Children and Families
4.    St. George Post Office (1932)
5.    LGBT Center
6.    Vice-President Daniel Tompkins/Tompkinsville
7.    Edgewater Village Hall
8.    SI NAACP/NY Urban League
9.    Community Boards and LDCs (at Community Board #1)
10.    1st Republican Party National Headquarters (1856), Bay St & Simonson Ave.
11.    Oude Dorp ("Old Town")
12.    Governor Thomas Dongan (Dongan Hills Train Station)
13.    Protectors of the Pine Oak Woods (at the Greenbelt)
14.    Third County Courthouse, Historic Richmond Town
15.    Christopher House, Historic Richmond Town
16.     Conference House
17.    Arthur Kill Correctional Facility
18.    John Marchi Hall, 2N Building at CSI
19.    Elizabeth Connelly Center, Willowbrook
20.    Joseph Manna Park, Port Authority World War II Memorial
21.    Project Hospitality Administration
22.    1670 Treaty with Lenape (near former site of Gov. Francis Lovelace's mills)
23.    1st FDNY Firehouse on Staten Island (Castleton Avenue btw Taylor and Roe Sts.)
24.    Swan Hotel (1827)
25.    Peace Action (Unitarian Church)
26.    Curtis, Shaw, and Gay homes (abolition, women's suffrage, anti-Imperialism)
27.    Parades (Forest Avenue)
28.    Rotary Club of Staten Island -- 90th Anniversary (mark at The Staten)
29.    Prohibition Park, Westerleigh
30.     Staten Island Firefighters Memorial, Concord

X.    Architecture (October)
Author: Barnett Shepherd, historian.

1.   9/11 Memorial, St. George
2.   Borough Hall
3.   U.S. Lighthouse Depot, St. George
4.   St. George/New Brighton Historic District
5.   St. Paul's Avenue Historic District, Stapleton
6.   Edgewater Village Hall
7.   Alice Austen House
8.   St. John's Episcopal Church
9.   Fort Wadsworth
10.  Billiou-Stillwell-Perine House
11.  Ernest Flagg Estate
12.  Seaview Hospital Historic District
13.  “Crimson Beech,” (Frank Lloyd Wright House)
14.  Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art
15.  Historic Richmond Town
16.  St. Andrew's Church and graveyard
17.  Decker Farm
18.  Village Green, Arden Avenue
19.  Frederick Law Olmstead House, Eltingville
20.  Memorial Church of the Huguenots
21.  Joseph H. Seguine House
22.  Woodrow Methodist Church and graveyard
23.  Sandy Ground
24.  Conference House
25.  Charles Kreischer House
26.  Temple Emanu-El
27.  33 St. Austin’s Place
28.  Kreuzer-Pelton House
29.  Sailors' Snug Harbor
30.  Tysen-Neville House

XI.    Military History (November)
    Author: Phillip Papas, Professor of History, Union County College, in collaboration with Lee Covino, Borough Hall Veterans’ Affairs Advisor

1. Paulo Park Veterans Memorial and the Borough Hall Mural of the Skirmish at St. Andrew's Church, 1776
2. Major Clarence T. Barrett Memorial
3. Fort Hill Park at St. George
4. Merchant Mariners Memorial
5. Watering Place/African American Loyalists
6. Watering Place/French and Indian War
7. The Hiker Monument at Tompkinsville Park
8. Homeport (Naval Station New York)
9. Matthew J. Buono Monument
10. Fort Wadsworth
11. Father Vincent Capodanno Memorial and the Freedom Circle at South Beach
12. Midland Beach Veterans Memorial
13. Miller Field
14. New Dorp World War II Memorial
15. Memorial Park at Richmond Road and New Dorp Lane
16. Colonel Robert G. Shaw Memorial
17. Memorial Garden at Pouch Camp
18. Egbertville World War I Memorial
19. Lookout Place at LaTourette Hill
20. Great Kills Veterans Memorial
21. Battle of the Bulge Memorial Plaza and Monument
22. Pleasant Plains World War I Memorial
23. Conference House
24. Travis World War I and World War II Memorials
25. Halloran General Hospital
26. Egbert Triangle and Memorial
27. Patriots Park, Julius Weissglass Memorial Field, West Shore Little League
28. Former Manhattan Project Storage Site
29. Reformed Church of Staten Island
30. Veterans Park
31. Jewish War Veterans Memorial at Temple Emanu-El
32. Camp McClellan, Civil War Training Camp
33. Kreuzer-Pelton House
34. New York State National Guard Armory and the SI Vietnam Veterans Memorial
35. World War II Veterans Memorial Ice Skating Rink and the Pvt. Joseph F. Merrell, Jr. Monument
36. Korean War Veterans Memorial and Park
37. Concord World War II Memorial
38. POW/MIA Memorial Park
39. Fox Hills Hospital/U. S. Debarkation Hospital
40. Hero Park

XII.    Religion (December)
    Author: Patricia Salmon, Curator of History, Staten Island Museum

1.  Saint Peter's Roman Catholic Church 
2.  Quarantine Cemeteries
3.  Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
4.   Stapleton United AME Church
5.   Our Lady of Mount Carmel Grotto
6.   Mount Manresa Jesuit Retreat
7.   HINDU Prem Prakash Temple
8.   New Dorp Moravian Church and Cemetery
9.   Vanderbilt Mausoleum (in the Moravian Cemetery)
10.  Church of Saint Andrew’s
11.  Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints, New Springville
12.  "Old French Church" site (Arthur Kill Rd. & Cortelyou St.)
13.  Coptic Orthodox Church of Archangel Michael and Saint Mena
14.  Dorothy Day -- former Spanish Camp site
15.  Woodrow United Methodist Church
16.   Rossville AME Zion Church and Cemetery 
17.   Magyar Reformed Church 
18.   Saint Joachim and Saint Anne’s Church - Mount Loretto
19.   Ward's Point -- Burial Ridge (Native American)
20.   Bedell-Pizzo Funeral Home 
21.   Noor-Al Islamic Center
22.   Staten Island Buddhist Vihara
23.   Reformed Church of America, Port Richmond
24.   St. Philip's Baptist Church
25.   Trinity Chapel/Fountain/SI Cemeteries
26.   Temple Emanu-El
27.   Second Asbury AME Church and Cemetery
28.   Holy Trinity/St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church
29.   Sisters of the Disciples of the Divine Master (Sunset Ave.)
30.   Old Clove Baptist Church and Cemetery
31.   Silver Lake Cemetery
32.   B’Nai Jeshurun
33. Unitarian Church of Staten Island
34. Randall Memorial Church

Please take a look at the first trail map, for the Staten Island Military History Trail, below. There's an enhanced version here.

The Military History Trail was developed by Professor Phillip Papas of Union County College
with assistance from
Lee Covino, Veterans Affairs Liason at the Staten Island Borough President's Office and Jeanette Parker, Charles Markis, and Jason Wickersty
of Fort Wadsworth, National Park Service.

Sample History Trail Sign for the Environmental Legacy Trail