About SI 350

In 2008, the seed was planted for celebrating SI 350. 

Today, SI 350 consists of almost 100 volunteers who act as an advisory committee, contributing time, energy, expertise, advice, contacts, writing, research and technology skills.  Those volunteers -- whether contributing as individuals or as representatives of an organization -- have been working very hard for the past year, assessing the dozens and dozens of ideas that have been offered, and laying the foundation for implementing the best of those ideas. 

If you are not yet involved, or your organization is not yet involved, and you want to contribute your time and skills, we welcome you to join that list.  We plan to reach out to all of the social, political, economic, historical, cultural, religious or educational institutions on Staten Island as well as many institutions and organizations in the other boroughs.

For a full list of participating organizations, click here

SI 350 Historians, Educators and Curators at work:

Meg Ventrudo, Margaret Berci, Susan Fowler, Kristen Teasdale, Mary Elizabeth Brown, Patricia Salmon, Cara Delatta, Tom Matteo, Carl Rutberg, Donna Hakim, Ken Gold, Christopher Mule, Lynn Rogers, Felicity Beil, Maxine Friedman, Sarah Clark, Carlotta De Fillo, Nicole Fenton, Andrew Wilson, Chan Graham, Margaret "Peg" Haley, Barnett Shepherd, Phillip Papas, James Kaser, Sylvia D’Alessandro, Josephina Lee, Claire Regan, Tina Kaasmann-Dunn, Linda Hauck, Lori Weintrob, Steve Preskill, Larry Anderson, Ciro Matrecano, Charles Perry, Lee Covino, Jeanette Parker, Charles Markis, Jason Wickersty

SI 350 Technology Committee

The Anniversry website is being developed by the Technology Committee: Johnny J. Chin (si350.org domain & website administrator), Sarah Clark, Gregory Colletti, Susan Fowler, Anthony Lociano, Jason Wickersty, Andrew Wilson

You may e-mail the SI 350 Group at:   info @ si350.org